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Do You Love Vinyl Records As Much As We Do?

At Music To My Ear, we're simply mad about vinyl records.  Just giddy like a bunch of school girls.  Our collection has quickly jumped up to the tens of thousands. The good news is they're all for sale!  The doubly good news is we're always buying more.  So if your pile of vinyl is collecting dust or you want to clear out some space or some old titles, give us a call and let us make you a deal!  And remember, we're now at our new location at 3003 Babcock Blvd in Ross Township.


EXPANSION Is The New Theme at Music To My Ear

At Music To My Ear, we're adding all the time.  Recently, we've added lots more vinyl.  Soon, we'll be adding lots more "store".  Owner Mark Mawhinney and Vinyl Guru, Chris Kardasz explain.


Focal Headphones: Elear & Utopia

Do you love headphones as much as we do?  If so, stop by our dedicated Headphone and Turntable Lounge here at Music To My Ear on Babcock Blvd. and give a listen to one of dozens of audiophile headphones you can take for a test-spin.  Check out models from Audeze, Grado, beyerdynamic, Mr. Speakers, Master & Dynamic, Sennheiser, and the new Focal models (the Elear & Utopia) that Mark shows you here.  You won't believe your ears!