We'll Miss Aspinwall, But We're "Movin' On Up"

Within the coming weeks, Music To My Ear is moving to 3003 Babock Blvd., in the same building as our parent company, Northern Audio.  What can one expect to find at the new place, you ask?

- Lots more vinyl.  We hope to eventually carry about 15,000 used and new LPs in every type of genre.  We also will continue to buy vinyl and pay top-dollar prices for quality collections.

- Used CDs.  We're adding used CDs to our inventory and also plan to immediately have around 15,000 titles available on the floor, including many hard-to-find gems.

- A beautiful, newly-renovated store.  We're working hard to design a record/CD/hifi store unlike any other in the Pittsburgh area.  We think you'll be very pleased.

- Chris Kardasz.  You may remember Chris from Jerry's Records' 45 Department.  When that department closed, we brought Chris on to manage and curate our vinyl and CD collection.  Although he's been in Aspinwall for a month or so, he will be a key staff member for you to get to know at the North Hills.  And he remains eager to chat with customers about vinyl records and CDs.

- Mark Mawhinney.  Often found in the North Hills in the Northern Audio showroom (also at 3003 Babock Blvd), Mark is the owner of both Northern Audio and Music To My Ear.  He will be even more accessible at the "new" MTME and would love to say hello to you when you stop by the new location.

- Turntables, headphones, streaming audio, and more.  Yes, some of the same lines and products for sale in Aspinwall -- plus many exciting new ones will be found in the new, North Hills location.