New Partridge Family Book On Sale at Music To My Ear

Music To My Ear -- along with Danny Bonaduce -- loves this new book about the music of The Partridge Family.  It's over 460 pages and takes an amazingly in-depth look at the songwriters, studio musicians, arrangers, vocalists, etc. that were behind those catchy 70s songs, with lots of info on teen idol, David Cassidy.  Plus, it contains EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about the TV show.  A limited amount of copies are available in-store at 3003 Babcock Blvd., and are on sale ( off) at .99.  Stop by today to grab your copy.  You can learn more about the book and its talented author, Johnny Ray Miller, on the book's web site.  C'mon, get happy!


Danny Bonaduce with new Partridge Family book available at Music To My Ear at 3003 Babcock Blvd. in Pittsburgh, PA

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