Try Headphones Before You Buy At Music To My Ear

Headphones are just one of those things you have try out before you can make a purchase. How do they sound? How do they feel? How do they look? All things you can't truly get a sense for when you're shopping online or staring at a bunch of sealed boxes at a big box retailer.

Headphone Listening Lounge

Luckily, we’ve made shopping for headphones a whole lot easier. Stop by our Listening Lounge at 3003 Babcock Boulevard, pick out a pair of headphones, listen to your favorite music via our streaming music connection and ready-to-go headphone amp, and let your ears be the guide.

Compare Headphones Side-By-Side

Headphones Plugged In

Already have a pair of Beats or Bose headphones and want to see how they stack up to some of our premium brands at a similar price? Bring them in and compare them side-by-side. Our experts are also always available to help you with questions about set up, settings, and finding the headphones that fit your music preferences and your budget.

We look forward to seeing you at the Listening Lounge!

Headphone Display at Music To My Ear

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