Home Audio

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Experience the Sound

When it comes to home audio, we realize you can’t just order something online and “hope” that it delivers the sound and performance you were expecting. That’s why we have dozens of speakers, headphones, DACs, amps, and accessories in-store and on-display so you can try them out, ask questions, and put together the best configuration based on your unique preferences.

High-Performance Speakers

There is no place in or around Pittsburgh where you can listen to as many speakers from as many different high-performance brands as you can at Northern Audio. From bookshelf speakers to premium floorstanding speakers, we’ve got you covered.


Looking for the best audiophile headphones? We carry Audeze, beyerdynamic, ENIGMAcoustics, Focal, Grado, MrSpeakers, Master & Dynamic, and Sennheiser high-end headphones, with all lines represented and available to demo in-store at 3003 Babcock Blvd. in Ross Township.

Headphone Amps / DACs / Players

Music To My Ear is the premier Pittsburgh hi-fi shop for audiophile headphone amps, DACs and players, including products from: AURALIC, beyerdynamic, Cavalli Audio, Chord, Devialet, Elemental Labs, Grado, Music Hall, Sennheiser and Sony.

Premium Cables & Accessories

For your convenience, we stock the best headphone and turntable cables on the market. We also carry phono cartridges, interconnects, record brushes, and stylus cleaners.


Give us a call at (412) 223-9747.